Raphaël Lahaye

Raphaël is part of the investment team as a Partner. His journey with MBO+ started in 2012 and since then he has been involved in numerous and fantastic stories, whether it is in medtech, software, B2B services or niche industries. He is driven by the desire to help talented entrepreneurs to scale up by acting as a catalyst. Raphaël also believes that a true shareholder must first and foremost be both contrarian and supportive and places a high value on direct and transparent exchanges.

Raphaël holds an MSc in Corporate Finance from ESCEM and a MSc in International Financial Strategy from LMBS. On a more personal note, he has a passion for trekking in the wilderness, strolling down in an alley in Italy and understanding geopolitical issues. Most of all, he is truly happy when he listens to dense and transcendent electronic sounds.

Meet Raphaël