Investment strategies


specialize in high-potential SMEs.

MBO+’s core strength is knowing how to build future-proof companies.

First, we research sectors in depth, focusing on attractive business models that have a strong value proposition and can capture growth. Then, we partner with highly talented entrepreneurs and management teams and support them with a clear strategic roadmap, a dedicated toolbox, and an extensive network of experts.

This is how we build company portfolios that deliver performance and create value.

Our platform

We are the lower mid-cap investment platform that entrepreneurs trust. We understand their requirements, anticipate their challenges, and provide unique expertise and methodologies to help them grow and succeed.

Our investor clients also trust us because they know how much effort and care we put into selecting the most promising projects.

We constantly adapt to both parties’ needs and expectations by diversifying our financial products, improving our value proposition, and enhancing our community of expertise.

Above all, we are:


Client service-oriented

Entrepreneur- and manager-centric