Pauline François-Poncet

Pauline joined the MBO+ Buyout team in January 2022.

Prior to joining us, Pauline spent two years with Trajan Capital, a small-cap PE firm specialized in Management Buy-In operations, where she met many successful entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries. Pauline spent over four years in leverage finance and debt advisory with Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong and Lazard in Paris before moving into private equity.

She loves discovering new businesses and understanding how things work. She admires people who can find simple solutions to complex problems. Her ambition is to support entrepreneurs to the best of her ability and help them grow their businesses in a positive and meaningful way.

Pauline grew up in Brussels, where she graduated from Solvay Business School. Aside from MBO, she loves spending quality time with her two daughters and tries to give a cultural twist to her life by attending theater shows, concerts, and exhibitions. She also likes stepping out of her comfort zone by ski touring in the mountains.

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