Maximilien Fournier Sourdille

Maximilien joined the MBO+ Buyout team in 2020.

He started his career as an entrepreneur by co-founding FeetMe, a start-up that develops medical devices for patients with neurological disorders. Then he switched to an investor’s role and joined the Venture Capital team at Omnes, where he backed European companies disrupting healthcare with revolutionary products.

Maximilien has always been humbled by what entrepreneurs achieve, as he knows what it takes to build a successful business. Above all, he is passionate about healthcare, where he believes innovation can truly make a difference.

Maximilien graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and UCLA.

When he isn’t working, Maximilien loves spending quality time with his wife and solving brainteasers with his daughter. He also enjoys sailing, which fills his need to reconnect regularly with nature.

Meet Maximilien