Jacques Dasnoy

When Jacques joined MBO+ in 2022, he brought nearly 20 years of experience in communication across the impact sector.

Throughout his career, Jacques has been driven by three key beliefs. First, there are talented entrepreneurs everywhere; they can help change the world and deserve support. Second, every entrepreneurial and business venture must have a positive social and environmental impact—that is not an option. Lastly, a job becomes truly meaningful when it is part of a dynamic, collective project that focuses on scaling up and transforming a company.

Before he joined us, Jacques spent seven years with INCO Group as Head of Communications. He began his career as Deputy Head of Vocatif, a philanthropy consulting firm, before becoming General Manager of the Impact France Movement for four years.

Jacques holds a master’s degree in contemporary history from Göttingen Universität and Université Paris Nanterre, with a specialization in 1920s Germany. He is passionate about the Italian Quattrocento, American literature, and the legacy of the Bauhaus school in the applied arts.

Meet Jacques