In 2011, through its fund MBO Capital 2, MBO & Co acquired a minority stake in Dron, as part of the takeover of the company by Dron’s two COOs, Jacques and Philippe Massieux, who held 50% of the company, alongside their sister.

Founded in 1922, Dron specialises in equipment hire, mainly for the building (renovation), public works (construction and civil engineering), manufacturing and events management industries, as well as for public authorities. Mainly positioned on niche markets, it hires equipment primarily in connection with housing, energy (generators), barriers, as well as handling and lifting. The group has always placed quality of service at the heart of its business to promote loyalty amongst its customers.

Between 2011 and 2016, MBO & Co accompanied Dron’s senior managers in several projects. The group achieved three build-ups: Saniloc (toilet blocks in the French region of Mans) in 2012; Centraloc (hire of generators in Morocco, now called Dron Maroc) in 2013; and La Palissade (barriers and protection equipment in the Paris Region) in 2015. The ownership of the group’s real estate was reorganised for a better distinction between the group’s hire and property businesses.

With revenues of €20 million in 2016, the group is now 100% family-owned. MBO Capital 2 sold its equity stake in Dron to the historical shareholders and to Olivier Poisson, who represents the fifth generation in the family business and who will, with time, take over the reins with the support of Philippe Massieux.