Géraldine Lanthier becomes Head of Investor Relations at MBO & Co

MBO & Co is pleased to announce Géraldine Lanthier’s promotion to the newly created role of Head of Investor Relations.

Géraldine joined MBO & Co 11 years ago as an analyst, before her appointment as Investments Director. She has been involved in more than 10 transactions – Cambour, Groupe ASI, Les Zelles, Kiclos, Prochimir, Caloga, Serma, Groupe Sigma, Travelsoft, Noukie’s and MaxiCoffee.

“The creation of this role is strategic, designed to realise MBO & Co’s growth objectives. I have worked on more than 10 investment deals since I joined the team. My experience of the industry and my detailed knowledge of our organisation is very much valued by our investors.”

Géraldine previously worked at BNP Paribas in structured finance, in New York.

She successfully graduated from the leading French business school HEC Paris with an MSc.