MBO & Co partners with the CMN Group to support the company’s growth

Founded in 1994, CMN is the leading private practice dedicated to nuclear medicine in France. The Group currently has four centers in the Paris region (Champigny sur Marne, Meaux, Melun and Jossigny) which diagnosed over 35,000 patients in 2021. In order to strengthen the nuclear medicine specialty and make it more accessible, CMN has designed an impactful medical project with a strong focus on innovation, quality and accessibility of care.

The eight physicians shareholders have decided to team up with MBO & Co and will retain the majority of the capital. This fundraising will allow CMN to boost its development and build a stronger and more independent nuclear medicine. The Group intends to pursue an ambitious medical project to provide patients with easier access to nuclear medicine throughout France, while ensuring a consistent quality of service and care. The development will begin in 2022 with the opening, within the Hôpital Privé des Peupliers, of the first private nuclear medicine center in Paris to meet the high demand from physicians and patients.

CMN, as the leading independent private group in nuclear medicine, is proud to team up with MBO & Co, a solid partner which will bring the means to reach its ambitions in terms of national development and strengthen the whole specialty. Our focus is to maintain our medical autonomy, while promoting quality, innovation, responsiveness for our clinicians and patients, and accessibility of care for all (sector 1 for all physicians within CMN without ambiguity). We have a single goal in mind: to provide an excellent service to patients locally in the areas where we are and will be established, in Paris intramuros, in the Ile-de-France region and nationally. “ Thomas Poisson, CEO of CMN.

We are pleased to bring the know-how and experience of MBO & Co to support CMN in its ambitious development project. Thanks to the commitment of the whole CMN team, we are very confident that we will be able to help foster the nuclear medicine market and build a strong leader for better patient care. This investment, made through our new MBO Capital 5 fund, is a perfect illustration of our strategy to invest in growth companies that, through their innovation, leadership and mission, help make a better society.” Cécile Nguyen-Cluzel, Partner at MBO & Co.