BAGE accelerates its development with MBO & Co

As a major player in the design, construction and maintenance of networks (energies, telecommunications and water supply), BAGE reorganizes its capital and has chosen MBO & Co as its core shareholder to support its ambitious development plan.

MBO & Co teams up with the historical shareholders and the management of the company, including Erwan Bihel President and founder, along with managers who become shareholders of BAGE.

Since 2018, BAGE has considerably strengthened its geographical footprint and diversified its business expertise, enabling it to generate €63m of revenues (CAGR 29%) and thus become a key player in the West part of France. The group’s ambition is to continue its development, through organic growth and build ups, in order to become a multi-regional and multi-sector player recognized by its operational excellence and vitality. Two build-ups have already been executed this year, which should allow BAGE to reach €90m of revenues in 2021.

« BAGE’s activities are essential to the proper functioning of utilities and telecom networks, thus ensuring access to reliable and modern energies for all. We are convinced that BAGE is ideally positioned to seize opportunities and generate sustainable growth thanks to its territorial footprint, the energy of its management and its long-lasting relationship with customers. Along with Erwan Bihel, President and founder of the group, we share a common ambition to turn BAGE into a leading medium-sized company. » Cécile Nguyen-Cluzel, Partner MBO & Co.

« Strengthening the shareholders’ base had become necessary considering the many challenges ahead of us, such as energy transition or smart grids, which will deeply impact the energies distribution networks. However, teaming up with MBO & Co had become obvious as we share common values and are aligned on the strategy. With MBO & Co at its side, BAGE will be able to continue its national development and reinforce its organization. » Erwan Bihel, President and founder BAGE.