Osmaïa is led by Eric Bouichet.

Osmaïa is a fast-growing French landscaping group. Its service offering ranges from creating green areas and sports fields to grounds maintenance for local communities and private companies. Pinson Paysage is the market leader in the greater Paris region (Ile-de-France) and has strong market positions in Normandy, Northern France, and Southeastern France.

The company maintains 8,000 sites year-round, mostly through multi-year contracts. Flagship projects include restoring the flowerbeds of the Château de Versailles, planting and greening Paris’ new courthouse (Tribunal de Paris), and maintaining the gardens of France’s Parliament building. Osmaïa was founded in 1962 and acquired by the facility management group Atalian in 2007. The company has ca. 1,500 employees and 30 branch offices in France and Switzerland.

MBO+ is an ambitious, available partner who has done a tremendous job helping us to structure ourselves and reach our organic and external growth objectives. Since they joined our capital, we have made 14 acquisitions and doubled our turnover from €80 million to €160 million.