LEN Medical | Axis Santé teams up with MBO+ to boost its development

Founded in 1984, LEN Medical | Axis Santé is a leading marketing and communication platform dedicated to healthcare professionals. Since its creation, the group’s ambition is to support the continuous training of private practitioners and specialists and to support pharmaceutical companies in their communication strategy towards healthcare professionals.

Historically operating as a medical media publisher and congress organizer, LEN Medical | Axis Santé pioneered the digitalization and virtualization of medical communication in France. The group developed a strong expertise in digital creation, audiovisual production, and broadcasting of medical content to its proprietary healthcare professionals database. LEN Medical | Axis Santé has encountered significant growth, especially in the digital segment that now represents over 70% of its activities. The Group made notable investments to support its customers’ growth, most recently with the creation of its third studio, the 444, a space dedicated to hybrid formats.

MBO+’s acquisition of a majority stake in LEN Medical | Axis Santé marks a new milestone for Stéphane Elghozi (LEN Medical | Axis Santé’s CEO) and his management team. Their ambition is to pursue the structuring of their organization to penetrate new therapeutic areas and offer a broader range of services to healthcare professionals.

« LEN Medical | Axis Santé is a family company that has found in MBO+ and its team an ideal partner, committed to the respect and continuity of its DNA. Our partnership with MBO+ will enable the group to accelerate and pursue its structuration and development in an everchanging and dynamic market. We are proud to welcome MBO+ and to move together towards new challenges in digital medical communication. » Stéphane Elghozi, CEO of LEN Medical | Axis Santé.

We are delighted to support LEN Medical | Axis Santé in its ambitious strategic plan and to share our experience in supporting fast-growing companies. We are convinced that our partnership with LEN’s management will enable the group to further accelerate its development while maintaining its top quality service. This investment, carried out through our fifth vehicle, is an excellent example of our strategy: investing in companies led by outstanding management teams and benefiting from solid trends that have a positive impact on society through the criticality of their mission and the excellence of their services.” Alexandre Chaton & Maximilien Fournier-Sourdille, Partner & Director at MBO+